Rataje nad Sázavou

In the times of the Thirty Years’ War, the Rataje estate was acquired by Count Bedřich of Talmberk, chief justice of the Kingdom of Bohemian. The new owner brought the Italian builder Andreas de Quard to the townlet and began converting the ruins of the burned-down upper castle into a new chateau with a garden and an access alley. The construction costs were so high that they eventually forced his grandson, Jan František of Talmberk, to sell the estate in 1712 to the Kinský family of Vchynice.The new owners devoted a great deal of attention to Rataje. They established a brewery next to the chateau, modified the interior of the local church and converted the dilapidated Pirkštejn Castle into a rectory. In 1764, the estate was purchased by Princess Maria Theresa of Savoy, whose reign is known as Rataje’s golden age. But this promising development was interrupted by the great plague of 1770 - 1772, when over 500 locals were killed. After the death of the Duchess,the chateau passed into the ownership of the Princes of Liechtenstein and remained their property until 1933, when John II of Liechtenstein sold it to the village of Rataje. It is currently occupied by the municipal office, the post office and a museum. The tourist information centre and Woodcutting Museum in Rataje nad Sázavou is located at Rataje Chateau and is part of the castle tour.

Information about Rataje Chateau opening hours and entrance fee

Infocentrum, Muzeum a obecní úřad Rataje nad Sázavou
Zámecká 1, 285 07 Rataje nad Sázavou
Tel.: +420 725 021 496
ou@obecrataje_cz ; infocentrumratajenadsazavou@seznam_cz
Web: www.obecrataje.cz

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