Ringelland Zoo Park – Habrkovice

The only animal park in the Czech Republic, where you can see not only animals in cages and enclosures, but also in the ring. The Ringel family, who are animal trainers, settled in Habrkovice near Kutná Hora in 2008 and started building their animal park on an old compound. The unique Ringelland Zoo Parkis less than 3 km from Kutná Hora in the direction of Pardubice. The Ringel family look after the largest breeding group of Siberian tigers in the country. In addition to tigers, you will also be able to see a hippopotamus, llamas, goats, as well as porcupines. Davídek the hippopotamus appeared in the film “Two People in the Zoo“, and he will, at the trainer’s instructions, happily show you his teeth and you can even feed him.
Another attraction is a large collection of circus posters, which you cannot see anywhere else. This collection is not just of interest to the layman, but particularly for professional graphic artists. Ringelland is an oasis of calm in nature for adults and children alike.

Regular animal performances are held every Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm.
We recommend that wheelchair users visit with an escort and only in good weather.

Habrkovice 34, 284 01 Kutná Hora
Tel.: +420 607 168 152
E-mail: ringel.jan@seznam_cz
Web: www.ringelland.cz

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