Žleby Chateau

Žleby Chateau received its name from the valley of the Doubrava River, which created a deep gorge here(with the Czech words “žleb” meaning gully or channel). The first written mention of Žleby Chateau dates back to 1289, when the originally Gothic castle of the Lords of Lichtenburg stood here, later rebuilt in Late Gothic style after it had been destroyed by the Hussites in the 15thcentury. The chateau underwent Renaissance and Baroque renovations, and owes its present-day romantic form in the style of Elizabethan Renaissance and French Gothic to Prince V. K. Auersperg, with the renovation work being performed in 1849-1868.
Today, the chateau is under the administration of the National Heritage Institute. Žleby Chateau is entirely unique with its richly furnished historical interiors, which were created during the course of the 19thcentury by the Princes of Auersperg. The romantic interior are a mixtureof original historical relics with period features and antiques imported from all over Europe. Leather wallpaper, collections of stained glass, many examples of wall panelling, plush furnishings and fixtures in line with period records have preserved the chateau to the present day as a kind of usable collection of antiques with a unique atmosphere and unique scenic beauty.
Three circuits of the chateau are open to the public, during which it is possible to see, for example, the unique chateau theatre with period costumes, the large tower with viewing galleries or the fully-equipped chateau kitchen.

Správa státního zámku Žleby
Zámecká 1, 285 61 Žleby
Tel.: +420 327 398 121, 327 398 595
E-mail: zleby@npu_cz
Web: www.zamek-zleby.cz

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