Žleby Game Reserve

This game reserveis one of the locations for breedingrare white deer. The reserve spans an area of 121 ha and lies south of the village of Žleby in the forest on the edge of the chateau park. A small and easily accessible example of a game reserve is only five minutes by foot from the chateau, where you will not only see deer but also learn everything about the past, the present, as well as the future plans for ensuring the prosperity of this beautiful game. You can also see mouflons, fallow deers, sika deers, roe deer or wild boar. Falconry demonstrations, combined with commentary on the issues of breeding and the protection of birds of prey, are also on display.

Obora Žleby / Žleby Game Reserve
Tel: +420 774 268 224
E-mail: obora.zleby@seznam_cz
Web: www.oborazleby.cz

 Obora Žleby

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