Church of St James in the village of Jakub – Církvice

The Romanesque structure of the Roman Catholic Church of St James the Greater is located on a hill above the Klejnárka Creek in the middle of the square of the village of Jakub (now part of the village of Církvice) about 8 km east of Kutná Hora. This building dates back to the 12thcentury and is unequalled in Bohemia. The church has a rectangular nave with an apsidal end and a significantly higher tower on the west facade. The church’s south side is especially noteworthy, as it is richly decorated with Romanesque sculptures. This decoration is the largest collection of preserved Romanesque sculptures in this country. Marie, the widow of Slavibor of Švabenice, was responsible for the church’s establishment, and by so doing removed the anathema placed on Slavibor for his participation in the hold-up of the Olomouc Bishop Jindřich Zdík in 1145.

The “autenticum” document deposited in the altar, which Prague Bishop Daniel I had drawn up in 1165 is evidence of the church‘s establishment. The church was consecrated by him in the presence of King Vladislav I with his wife, Queen Judith, as well as the person responsible for the building of the church, Marie, and her sons Slavibor and Pavel. The autenticum, together with relics, was found in 1845 in a lead box stored in the altar table.

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Kostel sv. Jakuba v obci Jakub - Církvice

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