Jakub Glassworks in Tasice

This unique glassworksskansen in Tasice, where the famous television series called “The Sons and Daughters of Jakubthe Glassmaker” was filmed, was founded in 1796 by glassworks master Mr Ferdinand Čapek on the site where glass furnaces had stood since the Middle Ages. The glassworks was acquired by the Rükl family in 1844 andmodernised. The unique heating of the glass furnace using a wood gas generator was put in place at that time. Visitors can buy glass products at the local shop. The glassworks was declared a technical cultural monument in 1990. The Jakub Glassworks in Tasice is one of the 12 most important technical monuments in the Czech Republic. The site is currently home to a glassworks skansen, which is open year-round. It has a glass shop selling products from Czech glassmakers.

Huť Jakub v Tasicích / Jakub Glassworks in Tasice
Tel.: +420 564 566 165
Email: sklarna.tasice@o2active_cz
Web: www.sklarnatasice.cz

Huť Jakub v Tasicích

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