Kaňk Lookout Tower

In the middle of the Kaňk Forest is the Hewer’s Hut (Havířská bouda) tourist restaurant with a lookout tower named after the hill on which it stands. The lookout tower is 30 m high and was built in 2013 from solid Cyclopean masonry. You will walk up 144 stairs to get to the top, or you can use the elevator, which also makes this lookout tower accessible for the handicapped. The covered viewing terrace, complete with a cafe and restaurant for 20 people, not only offers a panoramic view of Kutná Hora, but of the wider area as well.

A lookout tower with wheelchair access, with the terrace restaurant also being accessible by wheelchair.

Havířská bouda
Sedlec 35, 285 03 Kutná Hora - Sedlec
Tel.: +420 725 998 989
Email: info@havirskabouda_cz
Web: www.havirskabouda.cz

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