Walk through the valley of the Vrchlice Creek and back to Kutná Hora via Bylany

Start your journey along the Vrchlice Creek at the former royal mint in the Italian Court, from where you will follow the red tourist markings and continue down to the Vrchlice Creek.

The red markings will lead you under the railway bridge and you will find yourself on the so-called ”Royal Walk”. This trail will afford you a ”royal” view of the unique panorama of Kutná Hora and is also suitable for a family outing with a pram. On the left-hand side of the so-called ”King’s Walk” you will be surprised by a unique portrait of Jaroslav Vrchlický, the Czech writer, hewed into the rock.

Turn right at the end of the ”King’s Walk”, go over the stone bridge and turn left once off the bridge and keep following the red markings. Along the Vrchlice Creek you will arrive in a valley where you will encounter an unusually high number of more or less preserved watermills. Continue along the creek through the valley until you arrive at the dam of the Velký rybník (Big Pond). You will see many rock formations along the way, and if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of live crayfishs in the Vrchlice Creek. In summer, the Big Pond serves as a natural swimming pool, whereas in winter you can use this pond as a skating rink. This pond was completed in 1850 and its dam is 16 metres high.

Follow the blue markings from the pond back to Kutná Hora. You will pass the village of Bylany along the way, where an extensive archaeological survey commenced in 1953. Bylany is among the most important sites in Europe where the remains of a Neolithic culture have been found. Aside from this, traces of a medieval settlement dating back to the period from the 10th to the 12th centuries have also been found here.

Continue following the blue markings and you will soon arrive at the crossroad called ”Škvárovna”. From here, continue following the blue markings, which will lead you along a narrow road lined with fruit trees. At the end of this road you can turn onto the path to the left and inspect the unique aqueduct used to supply water to Kutná Hora in the Middle Ages. Then get back and follow the blue markings, which will take you back to the centre of Kutná Hora.

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