Viticulture Educational Cycling Trail

Whether you are a lover of good wine or just enjoy going on cycling trips in hilly terrain, you should certainly not miss the so-called ”Viticulture Educational Cycling Trail“.This trail will take you from the heart of Kutná Hora to the vineyards under the Sukov Hill on the northern outskirts of the city.
Kutná Hora is also a wine region. The oldest record of viticulture in the surroundings of Kutna Hora is a mention of the settlement of Malín in Cosmas’ Chronicles from 1101.
Representatives of the Sedlec monastery were the main contributors to the development of viticulture in the Kutná Hora region. Wine grapes had already been grown by the nobleman Miroslav of Cimburk, the founder of the Sedlec monastery, on the slopes surrounding the municipalities of Neškaredice, Perštejnec, Kaňk and in the surroundings of the suburb of Lorec. King Vladislav II Jagiello also had a big influence on the development of viticulture, even issuing a ”new vineyard order for Kutná Hora” in 1497. Viticulture activity declined significantly after the Battle of White Mountain and after the Thirty Years’ War.
The modern revival of Kutná Hora’s vineyards only began in 1977 on the”Pod Sukovem” track. The Red Traminer and St Laurent varieties do best in the local medium-heavy rocky-sandy soils. There are currently about 52 hectares of vineyards in the Kutná Hora region, with the renown of Kutná Hora wine slowly but surely on the rise. Wines from this region stand out for their minerality and spiciness. Kutná Hora wines are also the only ones in the Bohemia wine region labelled as BIO.

Description of the trail: 4.835 km; cycling trail no. 0091

This cycling trail begins and ends in the historical centre on Palacký Square and then continues through the streets of Na Sioně, Zvonářská, Hloušecká, Práchňanská and Kaňkovská. We cycle out of the city toward Kaňk and after ascending a few metres we turn left into a local road to the Pod Sukovem vineyard. We pass by the side of the vineyard, first along an asphalt and then along a panel road, and then we turn left onto a narrow trail. We cycle down the hill alongside the vineyard, with a wonderful view of the city of Kutná Hora opening up on our left. We link up to the local Kutná Hora – Grunta road at the end of the trail. Then we cycle alongside the U všech svatých vineyard on Gruntecká Street to return to the city centre.

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