Tyl House - Closed for technical reasons

Tyl House is named after Josef Kajetán Tyl, a writer, playwright and author of the text of the Czech national anthem. Tyl was born in the house on 4 February 1808, which at that time was called the “House at the Golden Comb“. This house was built on Gothic foundations after the great fire of 1823, which burned down a large part of this town district. A medalion relief of Tyl’s bust was installed on the front facade of the house in 1862 as a reminder that he was born here. 

Tyl House is one of the buildings under the management of the Czech Museum of Silver, the successor to the Vocel Archaeological Society, founded in 1877. Today, the museum is one of the oldest and, with a collection of approximately 185,000 items, also among the richest museums in the Czech Republic. It has a great archaeological and numismatic funds, with its art and geology funds also worth mentioning. The exhibits from the special funds of mining technology are among the oldest in Europe.

Visitors can see two permanent exhibitions, open from early April to the end of October: 

The Josef Kajetán Tyl Exhibition 
A permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and work of this important proponent of the Czech National Revival. On display are period photographs, sketches of costumes for the Fidlovačka theatre play, from which the Czech national anthem originates, as well as musical instruments or Tyl‘s study as it may have looked.

The Underground of Kutná Hora and its Exploration
Opened in 2009, this permanent exhibition gives visitors a glimse at the underground of Kutná Hora, and presents the most important and most interesting discoveries made by speleological exploration in the past two decades. 

The Tyl House is closed for technical reasons in 2023.

Opening hours and entrance fee for Tyl House 

Current temporary exhibitions at Tyl House

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