Toboggan Track

The toboggan track is located in the Klimeška sports complex. The track is uniquely positioned on three slopes, and its length of 1,565 m makes it the longest in the Czech Republic and the second longest in Europe. The track has an elevation difference of 42 m. One run comprises of two circuits, with the first being a recreational-type circuit with a length of 750 m, and the second being more adrenalin in nature and running 575 m. The toboggan has an average speed of 36 km/h, with a maximum speed of up to 58 km/h. The rider determines the speed of the toboggan. The total run time on the track is 7 minutes. The track’s parameters are set up and constructed in such a way as to give the rider a recreational experience with a dose of adrenalin.

Sportovní areál Na Klimešce
Pobřežní 194, 284 01  Kutná Hora - Karlov
Tel.: +420 777 609 970
E-mail: tomas.skvor@centrum_cz 

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