The Felix Jenewein Gallery

The Felix Jenewein Gallery is a municipal gallery of fine arts. Besides managing art collections, it focuses systematically on holding exhibitions. The gallery‘s management is located in Sankturin House in Kutná Hora. 

In 1941, Mrs Marie Jenewein, Mr Jenewein’s widow, bequeaved Mr Jenewein’s works of art to the City of Kutná Hora. It is thanks to her that, aside from the National Gallery in Prague, Kutná Hora has become the owner of a very high-quality collection of almost 200 pieces of Jenewein’s works of art. The main and most important part is naturally the Jenewein collection, which is a very valuable collection from the point of view of art history. In terms of numbers, it surpasses even the representative collection of Jenewein’s works held at the National Gallery in Prague

Opening hours and entrance fee for the Felix Jenewein Gallery

Galerie Felixe Jeneweina města Kutné Hory
Palackého náměstí 377, 284 01 Kutná Hora
Tel.: +420 327 512 347
E-mail: gfj@gfj_cz


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