Stone House

The Stone House is built on pre-Hussite foundations and now ranks as one of the most important monuments of Late Gothic architecture in Europe and is also part of the urban conservation area inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The house belonged to the burgher Prokop Kroupa, who was promoted to nobility in 1499. This was documented by the knights on the gable. The house’s richly decorated stone gable is the work of master Briccius Gauske of Wroclaw. The house was modified in 1839, and was regothisised by architect Lábler in 1900-1902. During the course of the restoration, for example, a statue of the Madonna by Professor J. Kastner was added.

The Stone House is one of the buildings under the management of the Czech Museum of Silver, the successor to the Vocel Archaeological Society, founded in 1877. Today, the museum is one of the oldest and, with a collection of approximately 185,000 items, also among the richest museums in the Czech Republic. It has a great archaeological and numismatic funds, with its art and geology funds also worth mentioning. The exhibits from the special funds of mining technology are among the oldest in Europe.

Visitors can see two permanent exhibitions, open from early April to the end of November: 

Royal Mining Town – Burghers‘ Life and Culture from the 17th to the 19th centuries 

This permanent exhibition introduces visitors to the life of the townspeople in a mining town. The ground floor has an exhibit of items related to Kutná Hora guilds, such as banners or ceremonial goblets. Also of interest is the black kitchen and the bourgeois parlour or the section mapping out the religious orders that were active in Kutná Hora. Most recently, the exhibition also focuses on the activities of the town’s associations. 

Lapidarium: Art of the Stonemasons of medieval Kutná Hora

This lapidarium was opened in 2010 and is located in the house’s two-floor cellar, entered by stairs from the frontal cloister. Visitors can familiarise themselves with a unique collection of stone sculptures and architectural elements from Kutná Hora‘s most important Gothic monuments. 

Opening hours and entrance fee for the Stone House 

České muzeum stříbra, p. o.
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Tel.: +420 327 512 159
Reservations: objednavky@cms-kh_cz, reservations@cms-kh_cz, +420 733 420 366


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