Kutná Hora Tyl Municipal Theatre

This historical building is, as its name suggests, associated with Josef Kajetán Tyl, an important figure of Czech theatre and the National Revival movement. J. K. Tyl, a native of Kutná Hora, was the first person to publicly formulate the idea to build an independent theatre in Kutná Hora for the then Tyl Amateur Theatre Company, which was based in Kutná Hora and of which Tyl was himself a member. His idea was given concrete form in 1931, with the commencement of work on the construction of the theatre on the basis of the plans of the Kutná Hora architects Rudolf Hrab and Josef Hrab, his brother. The opening ceremony was held on 12 November 1933, a mere 25 months after the commencement of construction. The character of this theatre is that of a modern, functionalist building of very good architectural and technical design, located in the city centre. 

The building was initially used by the aforementioned Tyl Amateur Theatre Company, which continues to use it for its activities to the present day. The theatre operates without an in-house professional theatre group. Its programme objective is to organise cultural and social life in the city as regards the theatre’s premises – the theatre is used for professional as well as amateur stage performances, concerts, dance programmes for children as well as adults, the holding of cyclical programmes, shows, competitions, festivals, occasional programmes, and for hire. The theatre is the centre of cultural life for visitors from the city as well as the local area. 

The auditorium of the theatre has a capacity of 508 seats, six of which are wheelchair accessible. Aside from the main hall, the theatre also has a Small Stage. 

Building with wheelchair access – on the ground floor, with wheelchair accessible toilets, and reserved parking for holders of ZTP (severe health disability) cards.

Městské Tylovo divadlo v Kutné Hoře
Masarykova 128, 284 01 Kutná Hora
Web: http://www.divadlo-kutnahora.cz/ 

Theatre manager:
Veronika Lebedová
Tel.: +420 734 854 217 
E-mail: veronika.lebedova@divadlo-kutnahora_cz

Sale, ticket office, marketing:
Markéta Petránková
Tel.: +420 327 562 844, +420 734 854 219
E-mail: marketing@divadlo-kutnahora_cz

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