Heroland - children's play park

Heroland is a children’s play park that offers lots of opportunities for your children to have fun. You can find here outdoor inflatable trampolines for all ages, slides, monkey bars, children’s houses, swings, outdoor games, huge sand pit, pirate boat and lots more. The park is open from April till October. Admission is the same for every single day, except for days with themed event. The buffet is open every day from 1p.m. on working days and from 10a.m. during weekends.

In the park events are being organised for schools and preschools, as well as teambuilding activities for firms or family days. It is possible to hire the park for private events too. Catering can be arranged.

The park capacity is up to 1000 people and the car park capacity is 250 cars.

Březová 3, 286 01 Úmonín
Tel.: +420 602 630 688 
E-mail: info@heroland_cz
Web: http://www.heroland.cz

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