From Kutná Hora to the Posázaví region ...

Depart Kutná Hora along road number 126 in the direction of Zbraslavice, and after a while you will arrive to the village of Bykáň, where you can visit the Rozárka Stables, which provide hippotherapy, and enjoy the surroundings of Kutná Hora in a horse saddle. Please book before visiting the stables (

Then continue along road number 126 until you reach Černíny. Here you will turn right and arrive at a natural swimming pool known as “Vidlák”. The surroundings of the swimming pool are ideal for people who love to walk in the woods and for mushroom pickers. Road number 126 will then lead you to the small town of Zbraslavice, which has a recreational area called U Starého rybníka (At The Old Pond) where, in addition to aquatic pleasures, including aquazorbing, you can also stretch your body in the so-called ”Tarzan Park”.

The Kutná Hora region can also be enjoyed from a bird’s eye view. Just stop by the local airport on the weekend, where you can go on a sightseeing flight of the surroundings (

From Zbraslavice it is a stone’s throw to the village of Bohdaneč, which, apart from a distillery and a cider works, also boasts the unique Bohdanka Lookout Tower. The tower’s height of 52.2 metres makes it the tallest structure made from so-called ”round wood” in Europe. Continue along road number 339 from Bohdaneč to the hamlet of Tasice, where you can visit the Jakub Glassworks, a unique glassworks skansen (open-air museum) in Tasic, where the famous Czech television series called “The Sons and Daughters of Jakub the Glassmaker” was filmed. The glassworks was founded in 1796 by the glassworks master Mr Ferdinand Čapek. The Jakub Glassworks in Tasice is one of the 12 most important technical monuments in the Czech Republic and is open year-round. It is possible to buy glass products made exclusively by Czech artists and glassmakers (

From Tasice, take the road to Zruč nad Sázavou. Once in this picturesque town, you can visit a renovated chateau with an extensive park. This park’s smallest visitors will find it particularly attractive, as it features the “Educational Trail of Knight Milota of Kolowrat”. This trail was styled in the spirit of the education of young knights, which is also reflected in the choice of the individual game elements. Entry to the moat only allowed with a guide, with an option to borrow accessories (skittles, sword, shield, axe, bow, arrows, and spears). A unique children’s playground with a marbles playground is located near the chateau. The attic of the Zruč Chateau houses the only permanent exhibition of dolls in the Czech Republic. The Zruč region was made famous by cobblers and shoemakers, which is the reason why the town also has a shoemaking museum. on The ”Mezi cestami“ hilltop, located approximately 2 kilometres from Zruč, you can climb a wooden observation tower known as Babka (Old Woman), which is open all year round.

You can take this trip either by car, train or on bicycle. However, you will not be able to visit Bohdaneč and Tasice if traveling by train. The route is time consuming. We recommend setting aside two days if you want to visit all of the places mentioned above.

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