Former Cistercian Monastery

Cistercian monks, who arrived from their home monastery in Waldsassen, founded their first monastery in Bohemia in 1142 on the land of nobleman Miroslav of Cimburk. The monastery was built in a strategic location, which was on the route from Prague to the Danube and the Black Sea, with silver found on the monastery‘s land. 

Preserved in the monastery complex to this day is the chapel, which was originally Romanesque, later known as the “abbey chapel“, the Baroque convent and the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and St John the Baptist. The abbey chapel was reconstructed in the 18th century in the Baroque style and incorporated into the monastery complex as part of the convent’s restoration. 

The monastery complex is now the manufacturing headquarters of Philip Morris CR a.s., which allows visitors to tour the former Cistercian monastery, including the exhibition titled ”Transformations of the Monastery in Sedlec“.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm (booking needed, at least 3 days ahead, min. 5 persons)
Entrance fee: free admission

Philip Morris ČR a.s.
Vítězná 1, 284 03 Kutná Hora
Tel.: +420 327 509 126, +420 327 509 111
E-mail: muzeum.tabaku@pmi_com

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