Discover the Magic of the Čáslav Region - II.

Take road no. 2 from Kutná Hora in the direction of Pardubice. You will firstly go through the village of Nové Dvory. On the left-hand side your attention will be caught by the former chateau (now a school) and the former Dominican monastery.

Continue straight on, and after a while you will come to the village of Svatý Mikuláš. Do not miss paying a visit to Kačina Chateau, which is one of the most significant Empire buildings in Bohemia. The chateau exhibition will familiarise you with the history of the Chotek family, you can inspect the chateau‘s kitchen, stables, cold stores, library or the chateau‘s theatre. A walk through the chateau’s large park is refreshing for the soul. The chateau also holds regular summer costumed tours and many other great cultural events throughout the year (

Follow road no. 2 from Svatý Mikuláš and turn right to Habrkovice, where you can visit the unique private Ringelland Zoo Park. Ringelland was founded in 2008 by Mr and Mrs Ringel, together with their sons. Mr and Mrs Ringel worked as caretakers in zoological gardens (Dvůr Králové, Jihlava) and later as trainers of exotic animals in a circus. A large number of different animals has entered the family‘s life in nearly fifty years. However, the family’s greatest successes were in the training and breeding of big cats. The Ringel family has toured with their animals not only in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, but also in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and in the former Soviet Union. Every day spent in the company of animals brings a lot of unrepeatable experiences, which the Ringel family is happy to share with you. In addition to majestic tigers, at Ringelland you will also be able to see a cougar, Davídek the hippopotamus, llamas, porcupines, or guinea pigs (

From Habrkovice you will take road no. 33816 to Rohozec and then onwards to Žehušice along road no. 33815. A number of historical buildings attest to the colourful past of the village. Among the most significant of these is the chateau, the riding school, the courtyard building, the brewery, the church as well as a game reserve with white deer. The history of the village is linked with the Thun-Hohenstein family. In addition to the above-mentioned monuments, its members have also built the Church of St Mark and the bell tower, which is fashioned in the Moorish style. Although the village‘s monuments are not open to the public, they are nevertheless also very impressive from the outside, so you should definitely take some time to stroll through Žehušice.

From Žehušice you can take road no. 338 back to Kutná Hora via Čáslav.

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